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Why 2021 was great? Yes, it was!

In 2021 so many amazing things have happened that instead of writing about all the challenges which we faced, for example, difficulties connected with Covid - 19, inflation, Brexit, the situation in Afghanistan, Suez Canal pollution, 6h outage of FB and its apps < :) > and all other drama like 2020 Olympics happening in 2021 :), please review my top 25-ish great achievements of that last year! Always look at the bright side!

Not specifically about Fintech, but all about making our world a better place! More inclusive, more understanding. more aware and innovative. Fairer and full of hope. Thank you all and each of you for working every day on improving our lives, our mother earth, our existence!

  1. More Than 8.47 Billion Covid-19 Vaccinations were administered globally.

  2. A new HIV vaccine has shown a 97% response rate in Phase I clinical trials.

  3. A human mind was wirelessly connected to a computer (read more at Input Mag).

  4. NASA made oxygen on Mars (read more at NASA).

  5. China eliminated Malaria.

  6. 127-qubit Eagle - the most powerful quantum processor yet - launched by IBM.

  7. CRISPR gene editing was injected into the blood.

  8. An artificial titanium heart was developed (An Australian research team has created BiVACOR, a titanium heart that utilises spinning disc technology).

  9. 77 countries in the world have now announced full or partial bans on plastic bags.

  10. James Webb Telescope was launched.

  11. Electric vehicles outsold diesel for the first time in Europe (read more at New Scientist).

  12. Renewable energy had a record year (read more at The Guardian).

  13. Canada passed two laws to affirm the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

  14. Misogyny is now a hate crime in England and Wales.

  15. Mexico elects the country’s first transgender lawmakers.

  16. Analysts built software that revolutionized the fight against child sexual abuse (read more at WIRED).

  17. United flew the first passenger aircraft with 100% sustainable fuel.

  18. The Oscars had their most diverse year ever.

  19. An African woman leads the World Trade Organization.

  20. A purely digital artwork sells at auction for millions (yes, IMHO NFT is the future :)).

  21. Pandora releases its first lab-created diamond collection (even though I love diamonds, ethically sourced and environmentally responsible materials are more important).

  22. National Geographic cartographers recognize the world’s fifth ocean.

  23. Astronomers see light coming from behind a black hole (Einsteins theory of relativity confirmed again:)).

  24. The world’s first 3-D-printed school opens in Malawi (maybe this will move my various 3D stocks - I still believe :)).

  25. El Salvador becomes the first country to make Bitcoin a national currency (I had to :)).

  26. SpaceX launches the first all-civilian crew into space.

  27. A Filipino is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in a first for her country. She is the first Filipino Nobel laureate and won the award alongside Russia’s Dmitry Muratov, the editor of the newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which is known for its critical reporting on the Kremlin - that is also a great step forward!

  28. And my personal favourite: Scientists revealed that cheese isn't bad for us (really! - read more at WIRED).

Would you add something to the list? I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of amazing things which happened in 2021, happy to add whatever you believe is worth celebrating! And now - let's celebrate!

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