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WeChat Pay platform available for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport travellers

In the Netherlands, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol travelers are accessing a commerce ecosystem via the WeChat Pay mobile payment platform, TR Business reported. Passengers can tap into the WeChat Official Account, WeChat Pay in store and WeChat Mini Program. The Mini program, for instance, enables the payment and pre-ordering for all sorts of goods from fashion to watches and Dutch souvenirs. Travelers then don’t have to browse and line up for the checkout counter for payments. It was also reported that Schiphol is Europe’s first WeChat Pay Smart Airport and the flagship platform is already in existence at Hokkaido, Japan’s New Chitose Airport.

Seems that Chinese leader of payments gets to Europe more and more! Especially that lately, WeChat identified Europe as the next key growth market for the platform, with plans to expand the number of retailers on the continent able to accept its transactions.

The company has already signed a number of deals in Europe with merchants popular with visitors from China including Paris department store Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and shops in Heathrow Airport.

In April 2019, the number of retailers in Europe offering the service was 3.5% higher than the same point in 2018.

Talking-up its growth potential, WeChat Pay senior director Dave Fan said: “Together with our global partners, we hope to extend the convenient experience of WeChat Pay overseas, so that global businesses can share the dividends of China’s growing outbound travel market.”

Seems that the strategy remains the same as last couple of years and is very much focused on Chinese travellers (it is over 150 mln. Chinese people who are traveling at this moment. It is a whole country! Constantly travelling country!. The market is huge, but I am sure, soon, WeChat will also ask for European customers.

The WeChat brand, which also provides messaging and other online services, has 1.12 billion active users with 800 million of these using its payment system. Users are able to make cash transfers and pay for goods within China, along with selected merchants in 49 other destinations. Let's see what future will come, but such a strong player, can make some changes within Top payment providers in Europe for sure!

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