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Unicorns all over the world - 393 of them!

There are 393 private companies around the world valued at $1B+. These companies are collectively worth more than $1.2T and have raised a combined total of over $292B.

Check all companies and their valuations on CBInsight real-time unicorn tracker.

Trends by category
  • The largest category is Fintech, with 12% of unicorns. It is followed by E-commerce and Direct-to-Consumer, Internet Software & Services, and Artificial Intelligence, each with 11%. 

  • The most valuable company in the Fintech category is payments company Stripe, with a $22.5B valuation as of January 2019.

  • In E-commerce, the most valuable company is California-based online shopping platform Wish, at $11.2B. In Internet Software & Services, Beijing-based online real estate platform Beike Zhaofang leads with a $10B valuation as of July 2019.

Most valuable companies
  • The world’s most valuable private company is China’s Bytedance in the Artificial Intelligence category. The company, which operates platforms such as TikTok and Toutiao, reached a $75B valuation following an investment by SoftBank in November 2018.

  • Following Bytedance, ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing ($56B), e-cigarette maker JUUL Labs ($50B), co-working company WeWork ($47B, though the company is set to go public in the coming months), and accommodations marketplace Airbnb ($29B) round out the top 5 most valuable private companies.

Valuation distribution
  • Twenty-one private companies (5% of total unicorns) are considered decacorns, worth $10B+.

  • Approximately 31% of companies included in the global unicorn club are valued at exactly $1B.

Geographic trends
  • The United States leads in share of unicorns (49%), holding steady since our last analysis in June 2019. China, in second place, saw its share fall slightly from 25% to 24% in the same time frame.

  • Third and fourth place go to the United Kingdom and India at roughly 5% each, with 20 and 19 unicorns, respectively.

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