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Twitter Added Bitcoin as Payment Method to All Adult Users

Twitter has announced new features for its platform, including more flexible controls and the ability to send cryptocurrency between 18+ users (!) - wow.

Twitter is adding Bitcoin to its Tips feature, which allowed users to send money to others through PayPal and other third-party services and rolling that out throughout the world.

The social media platform began testing its Tips feature earlier this year with a select group of users, and payments could be processed via Bandcamp, Cash App, Chipper, Patreon, Razorpay, Wealthsimple, Venmo, or GoFundMe depending on the users choice.

Strike, a payment software built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network that allows users to send and receive Bitcoin will also be used by US citizens with Thursdays updates.

The inclusion of Bitcoin on Twitter is a significant move into cryptocurrency for the social platform, although perhaps not as surprising as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is an active proponent of crypto (smart man :)). Square, the payment firm that was also headed by Dorsey, purchased the equivalent of $50 million in Bitcoin last year and is building a business dedicated to decentralized finance using Bitcoin.

Tipping will be available to all iOS users first, with Android expected to follow in the next weeks. Twitter has not revealed a date for when the information will be available to users who are using the social platform on the web.

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