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Proud to be a part of such an amazing initiative as YEAH!

What is TokenWomen?

It is a group of women fascinated, passionate, active in a blockchain and crypto space. The initiative is created to promote female speakers and empower women to take the stage on crypto events!

This is something really close to my heart! Girls - we should be developing things together, we should be cheerleading each other, putting the power we have behind each other. We can achieve much more together.

Don't you think that we are getting enough s**t from guys on our daily business life? Don't add more from ourselves. Let's support each other and let's show the power of unity. Girl power!

As Ella Cullen from TokenWomen described the initiative, "it is not new", but... we're talking about a relatively new industry, one with the potential to improve gender equality and female participation right from the start.

And why do we need to improve it? Well.. look at the numbers!

Time to change those numbers and make them much higher. We have a strength to do that. Girls - you got this! Visit: and register yourself!



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