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The Troubles Consumers Have With Mobile Payments - 2019 report, USA - devastating!

Updated: May 24, 2019

The eMarketer study drew on several sources, including a Hill Holliday survey, which made one point very clear:

55% of smartphone users in the US hate the idea of living without cash.

That’s bad enough, but it gets worse for mobile payments: 45.3% see literally no reason to use mobile payments.

That’s enough to make any mobile payments enthusiast gasp, but there are some potential underlying causes:

23% had no idea how to actually use mobile payments tools,

23% weren’t aware of any stores that actually accepted mobile payments.

50% of respondents in that same survey wouldn’t actually recommend using mobile payments.

Security did figure in, as it commonly does, but not to the extent you’d expect. In fact, just a few more people believed that cash or credit card were actually easier than mobile payments than those who were concerned about security;

Security was a problem for 36.3% of respondents,

Ease of use was a problem for 37.4%.


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