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The Most Well-Funded Tech Startups In Asia & The Pacific

Six of the 19 companies featured in below map are unicorns valued at $1B or more. Again - unicorns seem not to be so rare as we could expect :D

Since 2012, over $285B has been invested across over 11,200+ equity deals to tech startups in Asia and the Pacific region, which stretches from China to New Zealand.

This includes investment in leading tech companies such as:

CB Insights identified the most well-funded VC-backed tech startups in the Asia-Pacific region, based on disclosed equity funding. Collectively, the startups on the map have raised nearly $39.5B in disclosed equity funding (as of 9/3/2019).

To give a robust picture of the top tech startups in the region, report included Hong Kong and Taiwan separately from China.


  • The most well-funded startup across Asia and the Pacific is payments company Ant Financial Services Group in China, with over $19B in total disclosed equity funding.

  • Rounding out the top 3 most well-funded startups in the region are on-demand ride hailing company Grab in Singapore ($8.1B in total disclosed equity funding) and Coupang in South Korea (3.8B).

  • Six of the 19 companies featured in our map are unicorns valued at $1B+ (all tracked in real-time on the CB Insights global unicorn club tracker): Grab ($14.3B, Singapore), GO-JEK ($10B, Indonesia), Coupang ($9B, South Korea), Olacabs ($6.2B, India), Preferred Networks ($2B, Japan), and Klook ($1B, Hong Kong).

  • The region is home to 19 countries or regions in which the most well-funded tech startup has raised at least $1M in funding. Five companies have raised more than $1B, and only Ant Financial has raised more than $10B in total equity funding.

  • The least well-funded startup on the map is Sri Lanka-based oDoc, which has raised $1.1M in seed funding.

CompanyTotal equity funding ($M) Country

  1. Ant Financial Services Group 19,145 China

  2. Grab 8,100 Singapore

  3. Coupang 3,844 South Korea

  4. Olacabs 3,408 India

  5. GO-JEK 3,335 Indonesia

  6. Klook 521 Hong Kong

  7. iFlix 348 Malaysia

  8. Campaign Monitor 251 Australia

  9. Preferred Networks 152 Japan

  10. MoMo 134 Vietnam

  11. KKBox 118 Taiwan

  12. aCommerce 96 Thailand

  13. Vend 48 New Zealand

  14. Zameen 31 Pakistan

  15. First Circle 29 Philippines

  16. Shohoz 15 Bangladesh

  17. CloudFactory 10 Nepal

  18. Oway 5 Myanmar

  19. oDoc 1 Sri Lanka

Source: CB Insight

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