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Singapore on a 1st place, US dropped to 3rd.

US 🇺🇸 is no longer the most competitive economy in the world 📉 And it's not even China🇨🇳...

According to a new report - it is Singapore 🇸🇬 which tops the list due to its cutting-edge infrastructure, skilled workers, openness to immigration and business-friendly laws 💸

I am not comparing US to the small country which is a size of Manhattan, however, well... they are doing great!

It is similar case was with Estonia - most digitalised country of the world! A lot of other countries can say that Estonia is small, 2 million people city, that is why it was easy to digitalise everything - well, probably you will be right, but it doesn't change the situation - it is the most digitalised country on the world, the same as with Singapore - it is the most competitive economy in the world!

Check the video below!

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