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Samsung Adds Bitcoin to its Blockchain Keystore

Korean tech giant Samsung has added Bitcoin support to its Blockchain Keystore SDK. This will eventually allow users to use Bitcoin with applications via the company’s secure storage hardware featured on supported devices.

In addition to adding Bitcoin, the Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK will also support the Klaytn network. Klaytn is the blockchain effort by Korea’s largest social messaging company, Kakao.

More Bitcoin Support Comes to Samsung Devices

When Samsung first revealed its cryptocurrency support earlier this year, Bitcoin proponents were dismayed to learn that the tech giant did not appear to be supporting their favourite crypto asset. However, that has slowly changed with the company revealing more plans to allow the number one digital currency a place on its flagship range of devices.

The latest step towards full support is the launch Bitcoin functionality with the firm’s SDK that interacts with the safe storage system featured on the newest Galaxy models. According to a page on the company’s developer-facing website detailing the feature, those requesting early access to the Blockchain Keystore SDK will now be able to interact with decentralised applications using both the Bitcoin and Klaytn blockchains, as well as Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency specification can be found here.

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