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Revolut Donations are live

Revolut introduced Donations, a brand new feature that allows you to donate directly to good causes. Revolut partnered with the world’s leading charities across human rights, wildlife protection and pollution prevention to help reinvent the way people donate to good causes.

How Revolut Donations Works

  1. Round-up donations Very similar to popular Vaults feature, person can choose to round up card payments to the nearest whole number and donate the difference to the cause of choice. For example, if you spend £3.50 on your morning coffee, Revolut will automatically round that payment up to £4.00 and donate £0.50 to the chosen cause.

  2. Recurring donations If someone prefers not to round up card payments, he/she can set up a daily, weekly or monthly recurring payment to the cause of choice. There is no minimum amount required and cancellation can happen any time.

  3. One-off donations If someone prefers to donate to chosen cause on a random basis, you can simply make one-off donations whenever you want. Just as a regular transfer.

Who is working with Revolut

For the launch of this new feature, Revolut have partnered with Save the Children, WWF and ILGA-Europe..The company promises that in upcoming months, they’ll be looking to add even more good causes to Revolut Donations.

No fees to charity partners

Charity partners will receive one hundred percent of the amount donated by customers, with no markups or hidden fees during the transfer stage. Bravo Revolut - that is a good move! Let's learn helping each other!


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