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Receive parcel and withdraw money in one place - welcome Bankoplots by inPost!

Finally some exciting news from my home-country - Poland!

Inpost - our beloved, polish unicorn and rebel in the delivery industry, company which broke the monopoly of Post Offices in Poland!

What did they do this time? InPost establishes cooperation with the Planet Cash network, thanks to which parcel lockers will connect with ATMs.

Bankoplots is another idea of ​​the InPost company for the development of its network of machines, which eliminate the need to contact receivers with couriers or postmen. Soon, the parcel lockers in a classic form will combine with the ATMs in one. This will allow you to receive parcels and withdraw money in one place. Customers will be able to report for pickup of the package and withdraw cash using the common panel. Go inPost - finger crossed for national and international success soon!

Everything will be possible thanks to cooperation with Planet Cash, which currently has about 3 thousand ATMs and 700 bank-deposit machines throughout the country. There are already 4.5 thousand parcel machines of inPost in PL, so that cooperation will let the company increase their coverage for sure.

The idea is definitely interesting, and it has already been implemented. The first machines of this type have already appeared, and dozens of such bank machines have been placed in Polish cities. They are now just waiting to be launched so that customers can start using them.

Four machines of this type will appear in Warsaw, but first of all recipients of parcels from such cities as Krakow and Katowice will be able to use them.

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