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Polish Company is conquering UK delivery market!

I am born in Poland, raised in Poland, and even though I am living in UK, my heart is Polish <3 That is why I can't stop myself from publishing this news! And I have to say - I am so proud and happy that PL companies are making it! Globally!

Rafal Brzoska is aiming to install 10,000 of the company’s “automated parcel machines” in the UK by 2023, allowing shoppers to pick up goods they have ordered from railway stations and supermarkets using a key code.

His company, InPost, already has 1,500 lockers in high-footfall areas.

Mr Brzoska launched his firm in Poland 15 years ago. More than 60% of Poland’s population is now within a seven-minute walk of one of its 12,000 devices. His business has made him one of Poland’s youngest billionaires. He said:

“Britain has the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe, we want to be a part of that.”

InPost said that online retailers can secure major savings by using a locker. Around 70% of the cost of getting products into consumers’ hands is spent on the “last mile” of courier runs, it said.

In Poland, the company has partnerships with 26,000 online retailers and is striking deals with UK businesses. Agreements have so far been put in place with Boohoo, Missguided, New Look and Schuh.

The company, which floated in Amsterdam in January with an €8bn (£7bn) valuation, will initially target London, Manchester and Birmingham before spreading to other cities.

InPost has signed a logistics deal with delivery firm Hermes to service its lockers. The company faces competition from behemoth Amazon. However, Mr Brzoska believes that merchants will seek competitors to the online giant, and that InPost is agnostic about whose parcels its lockers hold.

FIngers crossed for a huge success on the Island, I will definitely be ordering to PACZKOMATY! :)

Source: The Telegraph

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