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PayUkraine and Orange Polska join forces to get Ukrainians!

Thanks to the cooperation with PayUkraine, Orange Polska will be distinguished by an offer for citizens from the eastern border. Partners are counting on a flow of customers - informs Puls Biznesu, one of the most important business newspaper in the country (Poland).

Orange Polska expands its offer by money transfers made by PayUkraine (formerly PlatiDomoi). It is a Polish fintech founded by Belarusians. The company launched its operations in the middle of last year, offering "card to card" transfers. Such transactions are not popular in Poland, but Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians have taken a liking to this method of transferring money.

PayUkraine, founded by Evgeni Chamtonau and Alyaksandr Horlach, is not the only company in Poland that wants to transfer money to Ukraine. TransferGo, Western Union, Money Gram and banks such as PKO BP, Pekao, mBank and BNP Paribas also do the same. The segment became "hot" since officially we have 1.2M Ukrainians in Poland, and according to some researches, min.60% of them are sending money home. Unofficially we are talking about over 2M Ukrainians, which is as many as polish people in United Kingdom. And this happened in less than 3 years! Impressive and interesting new target group for polish companies.

Telekom does not reveal how many customers from Ukraine currently use its services. However, it registers tens of thousands of new users from the eastern border every month. Last year, the customers of Polish mobile operators who had the Ukrainian language set in their phones most often chose Play (43%) and T-Mobile (36%), according to a survey by Selectivv DMP, a company that aggregates and analyses data from mobile applications and websites. Far behind them were Orange (12%) and Plus calculated together with Cyfrowy Polsat (9%). The research was conducted on a sample of 600,000 users.

Orange and PayUkraine launched a promotional campaign covering electronic channels and traditional outlets. A banner with the PayUkraine offer can already be found in the My Orange application, and soon information about the offer will also be available in several thousand shops and kiosks serving Ukrainian customers, as well as at railway and bus stations. Also this month (August), a special batch of SIM cards with the PayUkraine logo will be available for sale.

Fingers crossed for business and its expansion. Ukrainians are not the only one nation who is willing to send money home. Russians, Belarusians, and actually the whole CIS region is underestimated according to money inflow, as well as business potential. Fingers crossed for further growth, as well expansion to other countries!

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