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Monese + PayPal = <3

Get all the freedom of Monese, with the added scale, speed and security of PayPal.

Thanks to collaboration between Monese and PayPal, all the UK customers will be able to:

  • Link Monese and PayPal accounts, to manage PayPal balance and transactions in the Monese app.

  • Seamlessly add Monese card to PayPal digital wallet to buy from, and send money to, PayPal’s 277 million consumers and merchants around the world

  • Easily select Monese as preferred way to pay within PayPal wallet

These features are now available to Monese personal account customers in the UK, and will be coming to the rest of Europe in the coming months. Sign up

Linking account

Now, UK customers will be able to check PayPal balance or review recent transactions just by opening the Monese app.They can link PayPal account by tapping the ‘Account’ button on the top left-hand side of the home screen, and then ‘Add account’. From there, select ‘PayPal’ and then ‘Link PayPal’. Select the Monese card (or cards) you’d like to link, and you’ll be prompted to enter your PayPal login credentials.

Adding your Monese card to your PayPal wallet

Next, add your Monese card to your PayPal wallet, for easier, faster payments at PayPal’s millions of businesses around the world, as well as for a host of other great features. This includes One Touch™, PayPal’s solution for checking out online in seconds, all without having to enter your card or password details.

Your primary card

Finally, choose your ‘preferred way to pay online’ within PayPal. This essentially means selecting the card you’d like to make primary to your PayPal account.

Financial freedom

Make purchases, transfer money and send money to friends in seconds, wherever they may be in the world—without typing in your details every single time. So you can put down your device and get back to doing the things you love.

PayPal also lets you pay for your favourite things at millions of stores across the world, from big name merchants to small, unique stores.

Added security

Send and receive money with the peace of mind afforded by PayPal’s data encryption and fraud protection. It’s always good to know that PayPal protects you, your money and your purchases even after check-out.

Coming soon...

All these features are available to Monese personal account customers in the UK, and will be coming to the rest of Europe in the coming months. Since I am based in UK - I am starting to test the solution now. Company with such a back up from PayPal can became a thread to Revolut, Monzo, N26 - which are leading that space for now. #gomonese

Monese recently announced that over 1 million people have signed-up, with customer growth tripling in 2018, and over 3,000 people now joining Monese every day. Demand for Monese across mainland Europe surpassed that of the UK in November 2018, and in March 2019, two-thirds of all sign-ups to Monese were in mainland Europe. PayPal participated in Monese’s US$60 Million Series B funding round in September 2018, which has paved the way for an aggressive product roadmap.

Source: Monese.

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