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Mizuho partners InComm to roll out J-Coin Pay to retailers

Mizuho Bank's J-Coin digital currency platform is coming to more than 18,000 retail locations thanks to an agreement between the Japanese lender and payments technology firm InComm.

J-Coin Pay is a digital wallet, or a bank digital currency platform, created by Mizuho with the backing of more than 50 financial institutions.

The QR code-based app lets customers make payments, send and receive transfers, and perform other financial transactions on their smartphones.

The InComm deal will see a host of pharmacies, supermarkets and discount stores turn on support for J-Coin Pay over the course of the next few months.

Takumaro Arai, GM, InComm Japan, says:

"Through this partnership, we're not only helping shoppers pay in a modern and frictionless fashion, but also helping Japan achieve its goals towards digitizing payments."

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