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MasterCard acquires Nets for $3.19B

Mastercard Inc. had agreed to acquire most of the Corporate Services division of Danish payment company Nets for approximately $3.19 billion.

According to its announcement, Mastercard said the acquisition gives the company

“best-in-class real-time payment assets”

by complementing the company’s existing technologies, broadening its customer base, leveraging existing assets and creating more end-user applications and value-added services. Nets operates in several European markets, including Norway and Denmark.

This is the company’s fourth acquisition in 2019, and 5th really substantial one in the last 2 years.

  1. Last month Mastercard completed its acquisition of Transfast, a cross-border payment network,

  2. in May, $57 million acquisition of Transactis happened, a fintech firm that provides billing and payment services to businesses.

  3. Above 2 deals came after a March acquisition of Ethoca, a firm that offers a real-time solution to identity theft and fraud.

  4. In April 2018, Mastercard acquired Vyze, a company that provides point-of-sale payment options,

  5. And, as a cherry on the top, in March of last year, the credit card issuer acquired Oltio, a mobile payment firm operating in the Middle East and Africa.

MasterCard - you busy bee :) What's next?

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