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Marketing in COVID-19 times

It is rather difficult to sell when people are worry and the world is falling apart due to COVID-19. However, in this unprecedented times, marketing found a way, as always - creative and funny, sometimes inspiring, sometimes educational or simply motivational <3.

It also seems, that consumers don't want companies to stop advertising (sounds crazy - I know :)). However, consumers believe staff welfare should be a company’s first priority, while brands also have a role to play in supporting governments and wider society through the crisis.

A survey of more than 35,000 consumers globally by Kantar found that just 8% thought brands should stop advertising. However, there is a clear expectation that companies should play their part, with 78% of consumers believing brands should help them in their daily lives, 75% saying brands should inform people of what they’re doing and 74% thinking companies should not exploit the situation.

There is a high level of agreement that brands should use a reassuring tone, offer a positive perspective and communicate brand values. More than 50% also think brands should talk as they have always have done, while 50% think companies should talk about their own brand in a carefree and light way.

Just 41% think brands should avoid humorous tones.

The research throws up some examples of the fine line brands need to tread. For example, Ikea’s (below - nr.8) communications focused on the importance of home and Nike’s (below no. 2) messaging around the current need to stay indoors are seen as supportive of government messaging and health organisations, while staying true to their brand values.

With no further ado - check the list. Would you add something?

1. Pornhub: cheesy and a bit close to the line, but dark humour is something what I always enjoyed.

2. Nike: as always, simple and spot on <3

3. Guinness - I might buy a bottle only because i like it!

4. TimeOut: Brilliant and simple.

5. MasterCard - like it even more than "priceless" campaign.

6. McDonald's - simple and easy. Social distancing rules.

7. Netflix - brilliant and not obvious. I love it so much that I'm adding couple of examples :)

8. IKEA - really simple message - Stay at home! Heart-warming and nicely done. Great ad!

9. Time - not exactly marketing, but this time their choice of Person Of The Year is spot on <3

10. Audi - keep distance (simple and obvious - but why not :))

11. McDonald's - well, not in UK, since all restaurants are closed here - but in US drive thru still works - nice message, simple and warm.

12. NBC Universal - the more you know! Nice one.

13. Vodafone - one of my favourites, and actually they've created 2 videos. One to encourage people to stay at home, second to thank the NHS: Look at those:

Thank you NHS:

More here (click to next post since this one reached the limit :))

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