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How much the money is worth - value of currencies (including crypto)

This is how much various currencies are worth around the globe👇🏻

🏆Gold - $8.7 trillion

🇺🇸US Dollar - $1.7 trillion

🇪🇺Euro - $1.3 trillion

🥈Silver - $1.1 trillion

🇨🇳China Renminbi - $953 billion

🇮🇳India Rupee - $291 billion

🔥Cryptocurrencies - $253 billion

฿Bitcoin - $176 billion

🇷🇺Russia Ruble - $150 billion

🇬🇧UK Pound Sterling - $101 billion

🇨🇭Swiss Frank - $85 billion

"How much money is in the world?" well, it is not that straightforward. One should consider not only currencies as part of the money supply, but also other instruments such as precious metals and cryptocurrencies, and of course volatility of each currency. 📊

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