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Global financial technology investment trends - Q1 2019

  1. Q1’19 VC-backed fintech funding drops but deals remain strong: Deals were up 4% quarter-over-quarter (QOQ) while funding dipped 13%.

  2. Q1’19 sees three new unicorn births (N26, Chime, and Airwallex): there are 41 VC-backed fintech unicorns worth a combined $154.1B.

  3. Europe beats Asia in funding and the US remained the top market for deals: Europe saw funding grow to $1.7B, surpassing Asia which saw $875M in funding in Q1’19

  4. India challenges China for the top Asian fintech market: India was the top Asian market for VC-backed fintech funding in Q1’19 with $286M in funding.

Detailed report:

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