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Eastern Europe - quick glimpes

Eastern Europe is mostly Russia - geographically - you are right

But there is a lot of different countries with a huge business potential.

GDP is high in Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania and is growing extremely fast almost in all EE economies.

And .. EE has a huge population.

Still, Russia is the biggest country (well, one of the biggest on the world :)) but Poland has almost 40 mln. people, Ukraine - 50 mln. Romania, over 20 mln. - quite a big target group - don't you think.

The whole Europe has 743.102.600 mln. people. Check below how it looks compare to rest of the World.

And coming back to Eastern Europe:

  • Within Europe, the current population of Eastern Europe is 291,391,170 (which is almost 40%!)

  • Eastern Europe population is equivalent to 3.78% of the total world population and almost 39.2% of the whole Europe population!!

  • Eastern Europe ranks number 1 in Europe among subregions ranked by Population.

  • 69.3 % of the population is urban (202,052,427 people in 2019).

  • The median age in Eastern Europe is 39.8 years.

Can you ignore close to half of European customers? They could be your customers!

And some countries one by one in Eastern Europe, for those who are not satisfied by the above graphics :)

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