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Do you think Bitcoin needs a facelift?

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of both Twitter and payment processor Square, is looking for a designer to help reinvigorate Bitcoin’s image and help shape how the popular cryptocurrency will be brought into the mainstream.

Bitcoin, as a decentralised entity, has no HQ, no CEO, and no marketing team. With this in mind, it is impressive how its name, brand, and usage has spread across the globe based solely on its form and function.

An advert, posted on Square’s Medium page, is calling a

“designer to help shape the future of how Bitcoin will be brought into the mainstream,”

according to the job placement. This was tweeted out by Robert Andersen, founding designer of Square and the Cash App, and then retweeted by Dorsey, who added:

“design bitcoin!”

Take the Lead on Bitcoin’s design

The job placement is an interesting one, as it appears as if Square is taking the lead on changing the face of the open-source financial system. Further on in the job post, it reads:

“This is a chance to focus on establishing the long term design vision of Bitcoin.”

Some may find it presumptuous of Square to look to change the face of Bitcoin and to use traditional design and marketing routes to do so. However, the basis for this reinvigorating of the image of the oldest cryptocurrency is probably a good one. 

All Bitcoin’s evolution and advancement has been done through a democratic process due to its decentralised nature. Consensus needs to be reached and agreed upon for any sort of upgrades to the blockchain; should it not be the same for the coin’s design?

Square does seem to be mindful of this, also adding that their chosen Bitcoin designer will need to be aware of social consensus. 

“If social consensus around a particular approach begins to emerge, we’d then work collaboratively to engage the right people in the ecosystem to further refine the ideas and designs, and help catalyse execution in the places where changes are required,”

the job posting adds.

Do you think that having an upgraded design means that Bitcoin will be better received by mainstream adopters of the cryptocurrency? 

Editorial content. Source: BeinCrypto by JulianThomas.

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