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Coinbase enables crypto charity donations this Christmas with DustAid

On a Christmas note - Coinbase is partnering with crypto-powered charity organisation DustAid to enable Christmas donations to three different causes. And... one of the good causes is connected with supporting Eastern Europe, particularly Romania and its rural community.

Under the partnership, UK crypto holders will be able to spread some Christmas cheer  to The Liddle Edi Foundation which supports

  1. rural communities in Romania,

  2. elephant conservations Space for Giants,

  3. the NSPCC.

DustAid's aim, according to managing director, Duncan Murray, is to

"make giving a simple, easy and transparent part of our daily lives."

Louise Corden, NSPCC's lead digital producer, says this partnership highlights how the organisation is finding new and innovative ways of facilitating charitable donations.

“We are really grateful for the backing we have received from DustAid and Coinbase, and we now hope that users of cryptocurrency go to their platforms to make a festive donation to Childline,"

she added.

Donations will be made through Coinbase's Commerce platform, which allows merchants to accept crytpocurrency payments.

Zeeshan Feroz, Coinbase's UK CEO, sees this partnership as part of cryptocurrency creating an open financial system, which

"takes its shape in many different ways, and in turn benefits people differently, too."

Source: Coinbase.

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