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Women vs Startups

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

TEA! And I am not talking about Earl Grey

Female start-ups Estimates by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring Consortium show the proportion of women involved in “total early stage entrepreneurial activity” or TEA.

TEA includes the owning or running of any business that is less than 3 and a half years old. In 2017/18, the TEA rate in the UK (the proportion of working aged people involved in TEA) for men was 11.5%, and was 5.3% for women.

This means that the TEA gap (the difference between the male and female TEA rates) was 6.2% points in the UK. The chart on the following page shows the TEA gap in the countries covered by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring Consortium study.

There is a negative TEA gap in Vietnam, Ecuador and Brazil (a higher proportion of women are involved in start-ups than the proportion of men). Of the selected countries, the TEA gap is highest in Egypt – 11.3% points.

Some surprises, some confirmations - definitely worth to look at and girls - let's try harder! This is no longer "men's world".

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