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51% of the world has access to Internet! Or ..49% of the world has NO access to Internet!

  • Some 51% of the world — 3.8 billion people — were internet users last year (2018).

  • 51% went up from 49% (3.6 billion) in 2017.

  • Growth slowed to about 6 percent in 2018 because so many people have come online that new users are harder to come by.

  • Sales of smartphones — which are the primary internet access point for many people across the globe — are declining as much of the world that is going to be online already is.

Source of above data:

There is another source, which is even more optimistic, and saying that 54% of the people are Internet users. I am talking here about Hootsuite, form June 2019 - screen below.

is it a lot? I would still say - half of the population, another almost 3.8 (3.6) billion people, has NO ACCESS TO THE INTERNET!

Time to get connected, time to bring Africa, Latin America, some Asian countries to the table and work together, talk together, trade together! We are looking half of the population who can teach us, learn from us, shape the world.

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